Sharoma Gourmet Coffee™ is a delicious way to start your day, formulated with the highest integrity ingredients and our proprietary blend of healthy ingredients to help improve health and vitality every day. By simply switching your morning brew with something new, people have discovered a simple way of losing weight, feeling great, normalizing blood sugars and even discovering they sleep better at night.

Our coffee beans are grown in the soil rich mountains of Malaysia, picked at the peak of freshness, infused with our proprietary blend and then cooked to perfection. With coffee being the most popular drink worldwide, at more than 400 billion cups being consumed every year, our flavorful gourmet coffees are among the fastest growing segment in the healthy beverage industry. .

Coffee is the #1 beverage consumed around the world. From the very first sip of our Gourmet Coffee, people smile quickly enjoying the taste and aromas. So many times when tasting coffee that has other supposedly healthy ingredients blended in, the taste turns people off. A gourmet coffee must taste wonderful, as that is the first goal of pleasing our palette. .

“I searched for years to find a coffee with the rich taste I enjoy as well as the health benefits my body needs. Thanks to Sharoma Healthy Coffee I now have what I only dreamed was possible before.” .
K.G.- Sharoma Gourmet Blends satisfied customer.

Since I started drinking Sharoma Skinny Coffee my health has improved significantly. My A1C level was 14% prior to drinking Sharoma. Now, it is 7% which is amazing! I am so excited! This has been the easiest thing I have EVER done to improve my health. I have gotten rid of so much unwanted weight with only 15 pounds more to lose before reaching my goal. Not only am I on my way to my HEALTHY PLACE - I am also on my way to my WEALTHY PLACE. .
Thanks so much for the opportunity! .
Doris F. Mosely, Founder and Executive Producer at Los Angeles Spectrum International Beauty Expo