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Baladerma 2 oz

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Quick Overview

Tightens the skin from within. Imagine your emotions, hormones and organs along with your immune, nervous, digestive, respiratory & endocrine systems all operating in homeostasis - Balance. Phytocannabinoid Hemp Rich Oil can trigger the master system guiding your functions back to balance.

1000 MG of 100% Organic, Full Spectrum Phytocannabinoids in a Base of Hemp & Olive Oil with an Infusion of Peppermint & Baobab Oil

For anyone with Food Allergens: Potential tree nut allergen from the Baobab.

Suggested Use:
Up to 3 times a day place 6 drops under the tongue and hold for a few minutes before swallowing. Can also be used topically by lightly massaging a few drops on the skin. Can also be used with a Vape Pen to assimilate into the lungs and bloodstream. If any concerns arise please consult your health care professional.


These statements have not been approved by the FDA. Our products should not be used to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose your condition. If you are nursing, pregnant, on medication, or under a doctor’s care always consult with your physician prior to consuming any nutritional supplements. Results not typical, individual results will vary. Products are made in a facility that uses Baobab and Coconut oil from the Tree Nut Family.